B&B Breakfast, Organic Gardens, Kitchen & BBQs

From tree to table, from quality local suppliers, and from our own hands, we create mouth-watering culinary delights, wrapped in caring and love.

Vegetarians, vegans, and those with special food needs are lovingly accommodated.

BC West Coast healthy breakfast


Bathrobes and Bed-head are acceptable and encouraged morning attire. We especially look forward to the many variations of “bed-head” every morning, and sometimes a prize is awarded.

Breakfast included with the cabin is a characteristic "BC West Coast" healthy breakfast... natural, organic yogurt from a local dairy, fresh seasonal fruit from our own organic gardens or other local sources, our homemade granola made with Canadian grains and Okanagan dried fruits and nuts, served with milk and maple syrup. Organic almond milk is available in lieu of cows milk for those who wish. Coffee, tea or tisane are to available to enjoy at any time:)

If you wish to have a full, hot, breakfast, you may choose from either sweet or savoury options, at a cost of $15 per person. Sample options include a baked puffy Finnish pancake-like breakfast for two served with maple syrup, jam, and butter, or a savoury breakfast casserole made with smoked salmon and seasonal vegetables. These are only sample menus which are loved by all, though we will try to accommodate individual desires whenever possible. A full hot breakfast also includes a starter of fresh fruit and local organic yogurt:)

Please let us know before you arrive if you have allergies. Otherwise, your breakfast will be made from the freshest and best in season ingredients available.

Breakfast is served in one of three places: at the outdoor dining room, the Belvedere, in the Client Kitchen, or at the outdoor table by your cabin, weather permitting:)

Our water is delicious! Plentiful, beautiful, water from our own on-site well... our water is from a large aquifer that is so good it is bottled by an international company several kilometres away. You may drink freely from any on-site source and fill your bottles when you depart:)

BB Barbeque
organic garden barbeques belvedere: outdoor river-view dining room

Other meals:

Large organic gardens and an on-site indoor/outdoor kitchen provide the opportunity to complement and to create your own lunches, snacks, and dinners from really tasty ingredients that are good for you and good for the planet.

Barbeques and campfires are great for fun and easy outdoor cooking...two good grocery stores in Hope have a full array of foods to bring to the retreat and cook on-site. Local salmon, good-quality BC or Alberta beef steaks, and vegetarian options are some of our clients' favourites. Many bring food for several days, easily stored in one of two on-site refrigerators.

Hope has several wine and spirits stores, the largest of which carries a fine assortment of BC wines as well as other fine wines from around the world. A favourite pastime is to sit and enjoy a fine glass of wine sipped by the river...

For those who do not wish to cook their own meals on-site, there are many restaurants located in the small town of Hope, a short 10 minute drive away - several of them deliver to the B and B...Of important note is 293 Wallace Street, a wonderful restaurant with an adventurous chef:)

organic garden

Finest and Freshest

Great cuisine commands great ingredients!

Do you know where you food is from? We do.

The on-site organic garden is an important feature at the eco retreat.

Not only is it delicious, it also provides an important link we miss in today’s world between what shows up on our plates and how it got there. Each minute spent “working” in the garden provides nourishment for the earth, our tummies, our minds, and our souls.

There really is no way to adequately describe the taste of freshly-harvested produce: the incredible mouth-watering flavour of a sun-warmed strawberry… a just-picked tomato eaten like an apple… a carrot still moist with earth.

Fresh from the organic garden, a nutritious variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables are available for clients to eat freely.

Culinary herbs are grown just steps from the kitchen door.

Yogurt is from Local Fraser Valley Dairies within 30 minutes of the B and B.

Organically-raised eggs come from Decker Farms, a short 15 minutes from the Retreat. Our long-standing relationship with Diana Decker of Decker Farms ensures us the finest possible organic food ingredients.

Grains, while sourced from Anita's Organic Mill 45 minutes from the Retreat, come mainly from the Canadian Prairies.

Culinary Philosophy

The culinary philosophy at the Retreat is formed from a merger of many doctrines: Slow food, whole food, real food… and most of all, tasty food.

  • We believe in cooking with freshest-and-best-in-season ingredients.
  • We believe in practicing sustainable food growth, on-site, organically.
  • We believe in supporting local food growers who share our vision.
  • We believe that food is best prepared with love.
  • We believe that individuals' food requirements should not be limiting.
  • We believe that each meal should be a celebration.

The results of our beliefs? A yummy breakfast, home-made and locally-sourced!

Bon Appétit!