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Eco-Retreat B&B at Kw'o:kw'e:hala is best known for our beautiful outdoor spaces, wood-fired hot tub, sauna, river beaches, and stunning location.

Eco Retreat B&B next to Othello Tunnels
wood fired hot tub authentic finnish sauna outdoor exploration

Featured Amenities

  • Stunning riverside location
  • Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub
  • Authentic Wood-fired Finnish Sauna
  • Outdoor Kitchen and BBQs
  • Organic Garden
  • Riverside Hammocks
  • River Beaches
  • Campfire Area
  • On-site Bicycles
  • Next to the amazing Othello Tunnels in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park
  • Close proximity to hiking, cycling and other nature experiences and parks

Relax at Eco-Retreat B&B

Sleeping and relaxing amenities offered at the wilderness lodge retreat are designed to have a low impact on the earth, and to provide you with balance, comfort, and fulfillment.

…peaceful, gentle, and away from urban stresses.

Enjoy an eco getaway B&B alternative… a “back to basics, living lightly on the earth” experience, away from the masses.

To heighten your eco experience, the number of guests is limited to 6 sharing amenities spread over 7 acres.

Wood fired cedar hot tub

Relax after a day on the hiking trail in the heated waters of our wood-fired hot tub. Nestled in the forest under giant trees and sky, it makes no difference if it is day or night, sunny or raining, enjoy the quiet stillness looking out to the river as your body luxuriates in this passive spa experience.

Opportunities to enjoy private, clothing-optional hot tubbing are available for those who so-desire.

An outdoor hot and cold shower made from driftwood art is hidden in the trees next to the hot tub under the forest canopy overlooking the river.

The ultimate in reusing and recycling, the hot tub is about a quarter of a century old, having been passed down through three of Henry's brothers, and finally restored by us in 1999. Water is heated by wood fire in an underwater stove.

Authentic Finnish wood fired sauna

There is so much more to a sauna than sitting in a room, getting hot, and sweating…it is a unique, ethnic spa getaway.

Therapeutic benefits of an authentic wood-fired Finnish sauna go far beyond a cleansing experience… For the utmost in cleansing and relaxation, an authentic Finnish sauna experience involves successive heating and cooling sessions in a cedar-lined fire-heated room.

It is a holistic cleansing and health regimen imbued with Finnish culture… passed down for generations, a real sauna takes hours and usually consumes most of an entire day.

Healthful steam is formed by throwing water on fire-heated rocks.

Progressive cleansing techniques use loofas, sauna vastas (birch sapling bouquets), wash cloths, and showers.

Hot water is supplied from pipes running through the fire, and is then stored in a large tank for use on sauna day, and for days later.

Did you know the word “sauna” is the only Finnish word in the English vocabulary (and dictionary), and it is pronounced “sowna” (sow, like, cow …not saw, like paw).

campfire riverside hammocks zero-tasking


Time spent around a crackling campfire is a mesmerizing experience enjoyed throughout the ages. It is an intriguing and mysterious pastime of deep simplicity to warm your body, mind and spirit. Listening to stories, singing to guitar, or sharing quietude readies you for evening retirement. The gentle sound of the river lulls you towards a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

The campfire remains a primal evening experience for relaxation and meditation. Enjoyed on your own, or in a group, there really is nothing like sitting around a fire watching the flames dance and flicker in the night.

There are many different activities that take place around a campfire…and it seems that each person gets jazzed in a different way…it is chopping wood for some, foraging for wood in the forest for others, lighting the fire, tending to its life, playing guitar, singing, or listening for others…quiet “meditation” whilst staring into the flames, with the river's lull providing background “music” seems to be a favourite for all…fine dinners rustically prepared just some how seem to take on a uniqueness not attainable in any other way.

Riverside hammocks

The riverside hammocks provide a wonderful way to de-stress and feel nature all around. Whether reading, resting, or sleeping, time spent in one of our riverside hammocks is soulfully relaxing.


As a newly-coined phrase, zero tasking is anything but new. It is the ancient art of ceasing all activity, and in many ways it is a lost art.

Whether sitting in a chair, lying in a hammock, or lounging at the beach, or resting in your Nest, the soothing lull of the Coquihalla River provides a wonderful backdrop for meditation, daydreaming, reconnecting, recharging your spirit, or simply enjoying the peace and serenity of nature.

Outdoor dining belvedere at Eco Retreat B&B
outdoor dining belvedere sandy river beach organic garden

Play at Eco-Retreat B&B

At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat is an intimate, exclusive, healthful, nurturing eco resort that offers gentle adventure and wholesome lifestyle experiences in nature.

Hiking, Cycling & Outdoor Experiences

Hiking in the unrushed style of "bushwalking" provides many opportunities to enjoy local flora and fauna up close with a mind to stepping lightly on the earth… start off slow and then go slower.

Bicycles and helmets are provided at the B&B for your enjoyment.

There are many opportunities to enjoy the abundant natural amenities available by foot and by bicycle.

• Othello Tunnels
• Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park (surrounds the retreat on three sides)
• TransCanada Trail (at our front door)
• Kawkawa Lake Trail (available to fully guided packages only)
• Jack Delair Salmon Enhancement Park (spectacular salmon spawning grounds)
• Kettle Valley Rail Trail
• Nicolum River Trail (available to fully guided packages only)
• Hope-Nicola Valley Brigade Trail (at our side door)
• Suckers Beaver Marsh

Cycling on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail upriver from the eco retreat gives a different perspective of the Coquihalla River eco system. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is virtually flat, and mostly paved, as it meanders along the Coquihalla River, thereby making it accessible for guests of most fitness levels. There are ample opportunities to view local wildlife, eat wild berries along the way, and drink in the mountain wilderness.

There are mountains of other activities to keep you playing at the eco retreat…bocce, croquet, bubbles, rock-hounding, inukshuk-building, sandcastle building…and on and on and on… only your imagination limits the possibilities.

As you travel through your days on and around the retreat, you will be reminded about how precious our environment is, and you will gently learn new and better ways to coexist respectfully.

From aboriginal derivatives of our namesake through to the early fur traders, on to historic decades of the Kettle Valley Railway, and through to the present day, our area is rich with culture, history, and stunning geography.

Beauty and diversity abound with ample opportunities to view nature up close. Wildlife viewing includes bear, deer, marmot, mountain sheep, birds of many feathers including heron, eagle, osprey, owl, eider ducks, harlequin ducks, wood ducks, merganser, kingfisher, bobbers, woodpecker, mosquito hawk, swifts, hummingbird, Junko, etc. and many, many, song birds.

Plant-life surrounds us wherever we go. From giant fir, cedar, and hemlock forests, including a rare section of old growth forest, to chocolate lilies, ferns and "1000 kinds of moss", fauna changes with every passing month of the year.

Exploring the varied geography is fun and fills the mind, body, and soul. Rock hounding along the river may turn into hours looking for just "one more". Identifying birds, mushrooms, plants and trees becomes natural, even to a neophyte, very quickly.

More Nature and Recreation

Combining your eco retreat experience with other activities and places in the immediate area is a frequent pastime, especially for guests from far away.

Outdoor dining belvedere at Eco Retreat B&B
Hell's Gate Kawkawa Lake nature walks & hiking

The following list represents nature and recreation opportunities no farther than one hour away:

Private Recreation Opportunities
Guided fishing (we recommend Great River Fishing)
River Rafting (we recommend REO White Water Rafting)
Hope Golf and Country Club
Vancouver Soaring Association (glider tours)
Helicopter Tours (we recommend Valley Helicopters)

Public Parks
Manning Provincial Park (especially late June-early July alpine wild flower walking trail)
Mountain Biking Trails
Skagit Valley Recreation Area
Sasquatch Provincial Park
Silver Lake Park

Area Attractions
Harrison Hot Springs
Hell’s Gate Airtram and Salmon Fish Ladder

We strive to assist our guests in any way possible.